Philanthropy Spotlight: Quilt for a Cause

Quilt for a Cause

Quilt for a Cause auctions and sells handmade quilts and quilt patterns donated by quilters to support breast and gynecological cancer research.

Our mission: To use the art and business of quilting to pursue advances in breast and/or gynecologic cancers by raising funds for research, by continuing the education of medical professionals, and by supporting clinical organizations that raise awareness, offer detection and provide treatment for all women.

Tucson quilters, under the leadership of Jeannie Coleman (formerly Beahan) and Carol Zupancic and with support from the Tucson Quilters Guild, Inc., first organized a “Quilt for a Cause” fundraiser on the Tucson Medical Center campus on November 15, 2003. Quilters throughout the state of Arizona, as well as quilters in California and other western states donated a total of 208 handmade quilts that were auctioned to raise $53,000.00. The proceeds were divided evenly between two Tucson 501(c)(3) organizations: The American Cancer Society and the Tucson Medical Center Foundation’s Joel Childers M.D. Fund. 

That was the beginning.  Fifteen years later, Quilt for a Cause, Inc. (QFaC) continues to sell donated handmade quilts to raise money for the treatment of breast and gynecologic cancers. 

Get Involved! 

Quilt for a Cause, Inc. thrives with the help of almost 1,000 quilters, both women and men, who make and donate quilts for QFaC to sell.  These quilters are from Arizona, more than 25 other U.S. states, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom and more.  

Discover the various ways you may support Quilt for a Cause here


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