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The Conference Board Leading Economic Index for the U.S. Increased in March

The Conference Board Leading Economic Index is an American economic leading indicator intended to forecast future economic activity. It is calculated by The Conference Board, a non-governmental organization, which determines the value of the index from the values of ten key variables such as The US DOL monthly reports, S&P 500, US Census Bureau’s reports on building permits, non-defense capital goods and monthly consumer goods and materials reports from manufacturing activity. The Conference Board Leading Economic Index for the U.S. increased 0.4% in March to 126.7, following a 0.5% increase in February, and a 0.6% increase in January. (March 2010, index was 100).

Employee of the Week

Jameala S.

Congratulations, Jameala, for being our Employee of the Week. Jameala is helping with events planning and coordinating for one of Tucson’s wonderful non-profits and is doing a fantastic job. Thank you for working with us, Jameala. Please enjoy the gift card.


Man Buys $1,300 Worth Of Ice Cream For Strangers

Kory Close has seen a lot from behind the counter at his Fort Worth, Texas ice cream shop, Sweet Sammies. But even he says that he never could have predicted what transpired there over the

On Saturday, Close says a stranger—who he calls “Mr. Gary”—walked into the store and put down a credit card.

“He walked in at 7pm and started buying dessert. He said he would stop at some point, and never did—from 7pm to 10pm,” says Close.

The mystery man ended up paying for almost $1,000 worth of cookies and ice cream for customers.

But that isn’t the end of Mr. Gary’s generosity; not only did he treat all of the customers to free food over the course of three hours, but he also awarded each employee working at the time with a $100 tip.

Although Close says he had never met Mr. Gary before, the man indicated that someone at the store had helped him with a parking validation a few weeks prior to his charitable ice cream spree.

Close says they plan to frame the gigantic receipt and hang it on the wall as a memento.

Now isn’t that sweet?

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Gas Plant Operator

A gas plant operator is responsible for overseeing and operating all equipment that processes gas for utility companies. This person works within a factory or plant setting, where hours and shifts can vary. A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent is required. However, a two-year technical or vocational program is often recommended that includes courses in physics, chemistry, mechanical equipment, and office applications. Much of the training in this area is done on the job. This position is supervisory in nature.natural-gas-compressor-station-with-worker-nearby

Gas Plant Operator Salary

A sizeable majority of Gas Plant Operators in the United States are men. In this role, average pay is around $27.04 per hour. Work is enjoyable for Gas Plant Operators, who typically claim high levels of job satisfaction.

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Rescued mini cow is living in paradise with her best friends – dogs!

It was cold and rainy, when Moonpie first arrived at Rocky Ridge Refuge, a nonprofit sanctuary in northern Arkansas.

The miniature cow had just been purchased at auction, in order to spare her any bad fate. She was very young, and “not acclimated to outside yet,” the sanctuary’s founder Janice Wolf explained to TODAY in an email. “So I brought her inside.miniature-cow-rescued-today-170330-tease_7eb670df811ed065348cebea645ffb9d“Moonpie arrived about a month and a half ago. Wolf’s two dozen rescue dogs immediately took her under their collective wing.

A pair of bull terriers, Baby Cadbury and Spackle, who is deaf, are especially taken with their new friend.

They “claimed Moonpie right off and are never far from her side,” Wolf said. “They won’t let the others have too much time with her! The others sneak in kisses.”

Rocky Ridge Refuge has hosted plenty of long-lasting interspecies friendships in the couple of decades since its founding.

Read more and see images of more adorable pairs at

Employee of the Month

Troy J.

Whether it’s fixing a computer, cleaning out a warehouse area, or managing an inventory count, Troy seems to be able to do it all! We have worked with Troy off and on for the last several years and we’re always glad when he comes back to us depending on his availability. Thank you,Troy, for helping out, often last minute. We so appreciate your responsiveness and your work ethic. Congratulations for being chosen our Employee of the Month.

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Employee of the Week

Lucia A.

Thank you, Lucia, for making such a big difference in a busy office that requires phones, data entry, and good computer skills. There are many disruptions which is normal for most office environments that offer services and you handle them so well. We are pleased to name you our Employee of the Week. Thanks for working with us! Congratulations.