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Employee of the Week

Patty F.

We are so pleased to announce that Patty is our Employee of the Week. She helped us out immediately when we needed someone for a new client and did a marvelous job. Now she is ready to help out again and will be headed to a law firm to help them answer their busy phones and manage the front desk area. Thank you, Patty, for being available for us.  It’s employees like you that make our lives easier. Please enjoy the gift card!

Employee of the Week

Desmond J.

Congratulations to Desmond for being our Employee of the Week. He has kept busy just accepting last-minute assignments and taking them on as if he were part of the team. Well, we do consider Desmond part of our Temp Connection Team as we do all of our temporary and temp-hire employees. Our team works hard and we truly appreciate that!  Thanks Desmond for taking a job for the Team!


Rookie Quarterback Gives First NFL Check To 3 Cafeteria Workers

Rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans gave his first NFL paycheck to three cafeteria workers who had lost everything during Hurricane Harvey.

Watson surprised the NRG Stadium employees by handing over his first NFL game check, worth about $28,000, to help them get back on their feet after sustaining substantial damage to their cars and homes from the hurricane.

In a video posted by the Houston Texans, Watson is seen distributing three envelopes with ribbons on them to three women who work in the team’s cafeteria.

“For what you all do for us every day and never complain, I really appreciate you all, so I wanted to give my first game check to y’all to help y’all out in some type of way,” Watson says in the video. “Here you guys go.”

Read more and watch the video at: Sunny Skyz

Employee of the Week

Janet P.

We are so glad that Janet has returned to The Temp Connection to work various assignments once again. We have worked with Janet over the years and are very fortunate to have her back as a wonderful employee in 2017. She recently completed an assignment in the auto industry at the dealership level and now is working for an independent shop for high-end cars. Janet is enjoying her current assignment much like she did her last one and both Clients appreciate the work she has done and the work she is doing now. Janet is our Employee of the Week! Congratulations. Enjoy the gift card.

Employee of the Month

Casey R.

Congratulations, Casey, for being selected as our Employee of the Month. We thank you for working with us and for doing such a good job with a longtime Client. You are flexible, punctual, and totally dependable which is always important. The fact that people depend on you reflects  your work ethic when dependability is a key factor in this job.  We truly appreciate that. Congratulations! Enjoy the gift card.

Job Spotlight: IT Data Scientist

IT data scientists are responsible for mining complex data and providing systems-related advice for their organization. They design new ways to incorporate vast information with a focus on information technology topics. They work with teams of other IT professionals to manage statistical data and create different models based on the needs of their company. They possess advanced analytical skills, in addition to their exceptional oral and written communication abilities. They process research information for easier consumption and transform it into actionable plans. They also provide value to their businesses through their findings and thoughtful insights.

Data Scientist, IT Salary

Pay for IT Data Scientists in the United States sits in the ballpark of $90K per year. Total cash compensation to IT Data Scientists approaches anywhere from $61K on the lower end to $148K on the higher end; in exceptional cases, this can include more than $17K from bonuses and upwards of $20K from profit sharing. Compensation for this group is mainly affected by the company, but tenure and location are influential factors as well.

Employee of the week

Brenda D.

When Brenda was asked if she could go immediately to a client’s office to help out with a project, she responded yes and headed out the door. We were so grateful for her availability and willingness to go at once. Brenda also did a really good job for the client. We really appreciated our employees, like Brenda, who help us out when the need is great. Thanks a lot, Brenda, and congratulations. You are our Employee of the Week. Enjoy the gift card.

Employee of the Week

James F.

We always appreciate an employee who goes above and beyond to arrive at work on time. James did an amazing thing by purchasing a bike so he could arrive at an earlier start time for work than the normal public transportation schedule could accommodate. What a dedicated individual. Yes, James is our Employee of the Week. Thank you!

Job Spotlight: Agricultural Manager

Farm, ranch or other agricultural managers oversee farm, ranch or other agricultural workers. They are responsible for management and day-to-day operations of their farm or ranch, which includes hiring and supervising workers. They must keep track of production, expenses and income of their farms as well. For crop farms, these managers must make sure that their workers follow established procedures in fertilizing, planting, cultivating and harvesting crops. They also oversee their farm’s irrigation system to make sure that it works efficiently, as well as hire irrigation contractors.

Agricultural Manager Salary

The average salary for a Farm, Ranch, or Other Agricultural Manager is $49,027 per year.


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Employee of the Week

Candy C.

Congratulations, Candy, for being our Employee of the Week. We truly appreciate the work that you do. You have a good work ethic and exemplify all that an Employer would love to see in every employee. Thank you for working with us!