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imagesMeet the Hero Models Who Rescued Children From a Freezing Central Park Pond



Two models are being hailed as heroes after rescuing a group of children and teenagers who fell into the freezing waters of a Central Park pond, but the men say they were simply at the right place at the right time.

“I’m still shaking and am completely shook by what I experienced,” Bennett Jonas wrote in an Instagram post after the incident. “But I’m alive and so are the 6 other kids who got very lucky tonight.”

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Job Spotlight – Industrial and Organizational Psychologist

maxresdefaultWhat Is Industrial and Organizational Psychology?

The workplace can be a frustrating place for many employees and CEOs alike. In order to keep a place of employment running like a fine tuned machine, it often takes the efforts of many individuals.

In many ways, this is where industrial and organizational psychology comes in. This branch of psychology is the study of the workplace environment, organizations, and their employees. Technically, industrial and organizational psychology – sometimes referred to as I/O psychology or work psychology – actually focuses on two separate areas that are closely related. Some professionals might liken it to yin and yang – one can’t exist without the other.

The industrial side of industrial and organizational psychology generally focuses on the individuals and his relationship to the workplace. This might cover such things as job analysis, employee safety, employee training, job performance measurement, and employee hiring systems.

The organizational side of industrial and organizational psychology, on the other hand, focuses on the organization and workplace as a whole. Increasing productivity and maximizing the performance of n organization as a whole is often covered under this area of industrial and organizational psychology. For example, professionals concerned with this aspect of I/O psychology will often look at how an organization might affect a worker’s individual behavior. This might include studies on interpersonal relationships in the workplace, as well as workplace environments and organizational policies.

What Is the Salary for an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist?

According to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, an I/O psychologist’s salary is often determined by the level of education completed. Professionals with master’s degrees, for instance, can expect starting salaries around $38,750. Those with PhD’s, though can expect starting salaries of around $55,000.

The amount of money that an industrial and organizational psychologist makes is also influenced by experience as well and the types of companies that he works for. Those with more experience and those working with larger organizations and companies, for instance, will typically be able to command higher salaries. In general, the median salary for these professionals is estimated to be around $80,000.

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Wally Wednesday – Doggie Hugs

Awww….just awww…

This Golden Retriever Has An Adorable Obsession

Good girl!

This retriever has a heart of gold.huggungdog6

Whenever Cesar Fernandez-Chavez walks his dog, Louboutina, or Loubie for short, around his Manhattan neighborhood, it takes longer than one would expect. That’s because the 5-year-old golden retriever usually won’t budge until she’s given Fernandez-Chavez a big, hearty hug around his legs.

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Employee of the Week

Rachel L.

We have selected our Employee of the Week and her name is Rachel. We are so glad that she is on board with us. Rachel has been helping out in a variety of ways with a variety of clients and we really appreciate that. She is dependable, arrives at work on time and always has a positive attitude. There you go! Gotta love it. Congratulations, Rachel.


Wally Wednesdays – Love at First Sight


Who doesn’t love a happy ending, especially when babies are involved.  This fire fighter was at the right place at the right time.  All the pieces really fell into place for his family and this sweet baby he delivered.  This is such a sweet story, we had to share.

Fireman Adopts Baby Girl He Delivered During Late-Night Emergency Call

However, the incredible story did not end there as the mother immediately put the newborn up for adoption – and Marc stepped in to become the girl’s father.

He told WMBF: “It was just a somewhat normal call. Very quickly we realized that it was going to be a life changer for us.”

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Nearly One in Five Employers Plan to Hire this Year

U.S. employers are cautiously optimistic this year moving into the 1st quarter of 2017. Of the more than 11,000 employers surveyed recently by Manpower Group, 73% said they had no change in hiring plans. 19% of employers plan to increase staff levels. The highest areas for increase include the leisure and hospitality sector, (27% expecting increase of staff levels), wholesale and retail trade (20%), transportation and utilities (19%) and professional and business services (17%).

employees standing




Employee of the Week

Janice C.

We are happy to announce that Janice is our Employee of the Week. She has been doing a fabulous job for a busy construction firm and helps them out with all kinds of projects. Janice has helped clean up files both paper and electronic files and even looks for things to do when there is a minute to spare. Janice will be going on their payroll very soon and we are so happy for her!. Congratulations, Janice.

Employee of the week