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Job Spotlight: Optometrist

Looking through the glasses at eye chart

Optometrists examine patients’ eyes, conducting vision tests and diagnosing and treating sight problems. The main responsibilities of an optometrist include examining patients of all ages to detect vision defects, diseases or injuries; producing reports that detail patients’ visual exam histories to supply the best care; providing advice to patients who may need lenses or frames; and writing referrals to other vision specialists when appropriate.

Optometrist Salary

Compared to the national salary average for Optometrists, those in the same line of work who choose to work for Self-Employed enjoy much larger paychecks — $176K on average versus $100K annually.


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Employee of the Week

Codie T.

Our team at The Temp Connection decided on Codie for our Employee of the Week due to the quality of the work and the positive attitude that he brought to the workplace of this large non-profit organization that offers wonderful programs to individuals. Thank you, Codie, for working with us and for doing such a great job. Congratulations on being our Employee of the Week!

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Employee of the Week

Sheryl M.

It seems that wherever we assign Sheryl and we have assigned her to many clients in the last year and a half, she just seems to do a good job. Sheryl is very flexible and her assignments have ranged from a position at the Pima County Fair to a legal firm. She is now working in a medical office and her strong customer service skills apply to any environment. Thanks, Sheryl, for working with us and we’re pleased to have chosen you as Employee of the Week. Congratulations!

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Number of Independent Workers in the U.S. Continues Steady Climb

The independent workforce continues to grow and mature, according to a report by MBO Partners as reported yesterday in Business Wire. The total number of self-employed Americans aged 21 and above rose to 40.9 million in 2017, up 2.8% from 2016. Independents, who now represent about 31% of the U.S. civilian labor force, are distributed across every demographic, age, gender, skill, and income group.Independents work in all segments of the U.S. workforce and are of vital importance to the economy, generating roughly $1.2 trillion of revenue for the economy, equal to about 6% of U.S. GDP.  This trend will continue to edge upward.


Police Dog Fired For Being Too Friendly Gets New Job









He participated in months of training at the police dog academy, but ended up being a doggy dropout out because he “did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line,” according to the BBC. Instead of tackling suspects or sniffing out explosives, Gavel preferred belly tickles and cuddles from strangers.

Gavel’s trainers really tried to keep him on the force and allowed him to be in the program long enough to outgrow four uniforms, but in February they decided to cut him from the 16-month training program.

But Gavel had made a good friend, who helped him land on his paws: the governor of Queensland.

Gov. Paul de Jersey adopted Gavel and gave him the prestigious job of vice-regal dog.

“He may have missed out on becoming a Queensland police service dog, but it is abundantly clear that Gavel has the characteristics necessary to adequately fulfill duties as Queensland’s official vice-regal dog,” he wrote.

His new job responsibilities include welcoming visitors and attending official ceremonies. He even signed an official contract. While Gavel lacked the aggression of a crime-fighting dog, he appears to be excelling in his new position.

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IMG_2473We offer a big congratulations to Izzy and are so excited for his new opportunity. He was recently hired by our client after 3 months of hard work. All of us here at The Temp Connection want to extend a sincere thank you for your dedication and effort in helping out this exciting, new company.

From the beginning, Izzy responded to training very well and showed promising talent. He has referred numerous individuals to us.

Enjoy the gift card!  Thank you for working with us!



U.S. Employers Expect More Hiring

A record number of hiring managers in the U.S. anticipate more hiring in the next six months, according to a survey of 407 hiring professionals from DHI Group Inc. The expected rise in hiring comes at a time when unemployment is low and demand for skilled professionals is high, driving competition in the recruitment market. (As reported in PR Newswire with the DHI Group)


Job Spotlight: Digital Media Specialist


Digital media specialists are responsible for creating and managing digital-related projects for their organization. They are in charge of organizing digital resources for media campaigns and presenting their progress and initiatives to executives in other departments. They generate digital media that increases brand loyalty and collaborate with other professionals; they must be an excellent team player, but also work well independently. Additionally, digital media specialists must be problem solvers that are able to multitask effectively. They also manage functionality of interactive flash files, making sure they work as intended. They maintain web-related media and update existing resources as needed.

Digital Media Specialist Salary

The average salary for a Digital Media Specialist is $44,663 per year. People in this job generally don’t have more than 10 years’ experience.
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Grandma Armed With A Hairdryer Has Fixed The Speeding Problem On Her Street



A woman has found a brilliant method to stop motorists from speeding down her street – using a hairdryer as a pretend speed gun.

The grandmother of four from Nottinghamshire, England, says her unique method stops speeding vehicles in their tracks.

She said: “This is a very fast road and there are a lot of children in this area. I am worried that one could be killed or seriously injured.”
Watch the video at: SunnySkyz