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Job Spotlight: Trauma Surgeon

Trauma surgeons generally work in and around the emergency rooms of hospitals, including both emergency departments and operating rooms. When an individual suffers a sudden injury, these surgeons are tasked with treating them and preventing injuries from worsening.

This can be a stressful position in a fast-paced environment, so it is important to be able to stay focused and work well under pressure. In addition to performing and overseeing operations, trauma surgeons also play a role in maintaining patients’ vital signs as they recover and occasionally making diagnoses to determine what sort of treatment, or referral to another specialist, is necessary. They also perform various exams and consultations.

Trauma Surgeon Salary

Trauma Surgeons in the United States can look forward to a sizeable six-figure salary — around $311K per year on average. Career length is the biggest factor affecting pay for this group, followed by geography. The majority of Trauma Surgeons (64 percent) who took the survey are women. Work is enjoyable for Trauma Surgeons, who typically claim high levels of job satisfaction. Medical benefits are awarded to nearly all, and a strong majority earn dental coverage.

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Hero School Bus Driver Saves 56 Students Before Bus Bursts Into Flames


The Duncan, South Carolina, school bus driver ushered all 56 students – from Duncan Elementary – off her bus, and radioed the transportation office to call 911 before the vehicle burst into flames Tuesday morning.

The “7-year veteran driver and teacher assistant did exactly as she was trained and quickly and calmly evacuated all 56 students from the bus, and got them to a safe location,” the school district said in an online statement several hours after the incident. “She is a true hero!”

Stroble was able to evacuate all of the students “in under a minute,” Superintendent Scott Turner wrote on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. “So grateful for her quick action.”
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Employee of the Week

Meisha B.

Congratulations, Meisha, for being our Employee of the Week. We are so appreciative of you working with us and doing such a great job with a new Client. They are very happy with your work and are excited that you want to accept their permanent position with them. We were hoping that all would work out well with this job and that it would be a good fit for you. We’re glad you think so too!. Thanks for working with us and please enjoy the gift card.

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Job Spotlight- Real Estate Broker


Real estate brokers are people who help others to sell or purchase property. Most of the time the property being sold or purchased is a house or empty land. The broker must understand the market value of each property under consideration. They should be able to assess the positive and negative aspects of each property and know how to advertise and negotiate a sale. They often work with financial institutions and help people obtain the loans that are needed to buy a property. They normally work on commission and earn a small percentage from each sale they complete.

Real Estate Broker Salary

The average pay for a Real Estate Broker is $56,045 per year. The highest paying skills associated with this job are Operations Management and Sales.

Summer Hiring To be Active with Two in Five Employers Expected to Hire Seasonal Workers

41% of employers plan to hire seasonal workers for the summer, a significant jump from 29% last year, according to a survey of 2,587 hiring and human resource managers and 3,420 employees by ASA corporate partner CareerBuilder. Reported by PR Newswire

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700 Villagers Waded Through A Dead River, Cleansed It And Brought It Back To Life


For decades the Kuttemperoor river in Alappuzha, India, slowly choked under the weight of rampant illegal sand mining and construction sites that dumped tons of sewage on its once-pristine banks. Fish and aquatic life were completely wiped out.

But not anymore. 700 villagers have spent weeks wading through toxic waste, algae and risking deadly water-borne diseases to physically de-silt and clean the river.

It wasn’t easy.  After two months of back-breaking effort, the results began to show. The river now brims with water, the stench is gone and children are playing on its green banks once more.


Photo Credit: Vivek Nair /

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Employee of the Week

Julia C.

It is our pleasure to announce our Employee of the Week and it’s Julia! She has been doing a fabulous job at a wonderful non-profit client the past several weeks and we’re glad that both Julia and the Executive Director are happy with the work that is being done. It’s a general office coordinator position with lots of activity and Julia seems to catch the ball and run with it. Congratulations, Julia!

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Various Signs Point To Wage Gains, Finally!

Various signs are pointing to wage acceleration finally, according to Bloomberg’s Jamrisco & Chandra. The number of people working part-time who would prefer full-time employment dropped to 5.27 million, a nine-year low. The number of discouraged workers, who aren’t looking for work because they believe no jobs are available, are near the lowest level since 2008.The employment cost index rose in the first quarter at the fastest pace since December 2007. “As long as the labor market is tightening as it has been recently, it’s a very safe bet that we’re going to see wages accelerate,” said Stephen Stanley, chief economist at Amherst Pierpont Securities LLC. U.S. Federal Reserve policy makers also are counting on wage growth to pick up.