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Which One Are You When It Comes to Social Media?

The content of writer Gee caught our eye when he reported confusion about social media usage in small businesses compared to large corporations. Billionaire Richard Branson’s comment that the executive suite is less than enthusiastic about social media and that the majority of CEOs are not engaging in online conversations is the total opposite according to survey results of small business owners. The results of a Maanta survey of 600 small business owners reflected that 90% of them are actively engaged in social networking sites and 74% view them as valuable, if not more valuable, than networking in-person. And blogger Gee is asking the question “Where do you fall in this spectrum?”
Branson went on to say that his research indicates that within 5 years social media will be ranked number two in ways to engage with customers-after face-to-face. “But why wait” he asks? The point made here is that it’s not just executives or management that should be engaged, but “everyone within a company,” saying it can “furnish a spirit of community.”
So are you checking in with clients, potential clients, and candidates via social media? Do you find it hard to set dedicated social media time aside and still focus on the other demands of the business or I might add, job-hunting? How do you balance screen time with face time? All good questions posed by blogger Gee.

Small business activity reports upswing

Small businesses increased hours and compensation for employees in March by the most in more than two years, according to a new survey from Intuit. The average monthly salary for small business employees rose 0.7%, or $18 per worker, according to Intuit, the largest percentage gain since December 2009. That is equivalent to an annual salary of $33,400.

Average monthly hours worked by small business employees increased by 0.5%, or 36 minutes, making for a 25.8-hour workweek. The percentage change was also the largest since December 2009. Intuit notes the gains came even as hiring by small businesses took a step back, with employers adding 65,000 workers to their payrolls in March. However, February’s small business payrolls increase was revised up to 75,000 jobs from the previously reported 55,000.