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Costco Raises Minimum Wage To $14 An Hour


Costco has announced that it is raising its starting minimum wage to $14 an hour, a $1 increase for entry level positions.

Costo’s CFO Richard Galanti said in a call with investors on Thursday that around 130,000 employees will benefit from this wage increase.

In addition, all warehouse employees will receive an increase of between $0.25 to $0.50 an hour, he said.

This will likely increase Costco’s ranking as one of the best places to work in the United States. The retail chain landed at #34 in Glassdoor’s 2017 list.

“The best part is all the perks — guaranteed hours, benefits, time and a half on Sundays, free turkeys at Thanksgiving, four free memberships, a livable wage,” an employee told Business Insider.

The wage increase comes in the wake of the GOP’s corporate tax cuts, which has encouraged companies to raise wages and give bonuses to employees.

Other major companies, including Walmart and Starbucks, announced in the past year that they would raise wages after the GOP-backed tax bill passed.

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Job Spotlight: Home Inspector


Home inspectors are responsible for evaluating properties, either currently or previously owned. They determine the quality and functionality of homes’ structures and systems. They most commonly work for potential home buyers who are looking to evaluate a prospective property and need to find out if there could be any undisclosed problems in the future. The main task for home inspectors is to check for defects. They inspect every aspect of the home: the plumbing and electrical systems, roofing, foundation, and heating and air conditioning systems. They check these areas for potential problems, such as water damage, electrical faults, structural issues, or building code non-compliance. Then they report these problems to the potential home owner quickly, before the buyer has made any offers or entered into any contracts.

Home Inspector Salary

A Home Inspector earns an average salary of $45,256 per year. A skill in home inspector is associated with high pay for this job. People in this job generally don’t have more than 20 years’ experience.

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Job Spotlight: Power Plant Operator

Power plant operators control and operate machinery that generates electric power. They are also responsible for maintaining these machines, which also includes auxiliary equipment, steam engines, air compressors, and generators. They also work with turbines (including steam turbines) that provide light and heat for other buildings.

Power Plant Operator Salary

Power Plant Operators in the United States are largely men, earning an average of $30.13 per hour. The most important factor affecting compensation for this group is experience level, followed by geography and the specific company. Medical benefits are awarded to most, and a large number earn dental coverage. Most Power Plant Operators like their work and job satisfaction is high.
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Job Spotlight: Podiatrist

Simply put, a podiatrist is a foot doctor. He or she specializes in examining, diagnosing, and treating problems related to the feet of his or her patients. These can include problems like breaks and sprains, but they are more likely to be related to comfort issues, such as bunions, corns, and blistering. A podiatrist will typically examine a patient’s problem, administer testing, and treat the problem. In some situations, the podiatrist may also refer a patient to an orthopedist for more extensive care.

Podiatrist Salary

For Podiatrists, bonuses and commissions account for a significant portion of income and add up to 134 percent of their $130K yearly pay. Geographic location is the biggest factor affecting pay for this group, followed by experience level. Health benefits are not claimed by all — one in four lack any form of coverage — but a strong majority have medical insurance, and a little less than one-half have dental, too. Work is enjoyable for Podiatrists, who typically claim high levels of job satisfaction.
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Job Spotlight: Personal Caregiver

A personal caregiver works in a home to administer care to patients who are elderly or disabled. The scope of the work depends largely on the patients’ needs; in some cases, the personal caregiver may feed, bathe, and change the patient, or simply make sure he/she receives nutrition and prescribed medication and participates in social/community activities. Those in this position may also act as liaisons between a patient and health care providers, such as doctors, and must effectively communicate any changes in a patient’s condition to these doctors.

Personal Caregiver Salary

Women make up the vast majority of Personal Caregivers in the United States. The average pay in this industry is approximately $11.11 per hour. Location is the biggest factor affecting pay for this group, followed by tenure and the specific company. The majority of Personal Caregivers claim high levels of job satisfaction. Medical benefits are awarded to close to one-eighth, and less than one-tenth earn dental coverage.

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Job Spotlight: Nutritionist

A nutritionist is a person who studies and provides recommendations about diets for individuals and institutions. Schools, hospitals, and clinics may have nutritionists who ensure that meal offerings meet general health needs. Nutritionists can also work one-on-one with individuals. They can provide dietary plans for persons wanting to lose weight, specific training suggestions for athletes, and guidance to patients who may require nutritional help because of chronic diseases or treatments.

Nutritionist Salary

A Nutritionist earns an average salary of $42,633 per year. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 20 years’ experience in this career.

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Job Spotlight: High School Teacher

High school teachers provide instruction to students in one or more areas of study within a public or private high school. They may also supervise extracurricular activities, proctor state testing exams, assist with college preparation, and supervise study hall and/or detention, among other duties. High school teachers prepare lessons to deliver to students, as well as present the lessons in a way that students can easily understand.

High School Teacher Salary

A High School Teacher earns an average salary of $47,760 per year. Experience has a moderate effect on pay for this job.

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Job Spotlight: IT Data Scientist

IT data scientists are responsible for mining complex data and providing systems-related advice for their organization. They design new ways to incorporate vast information with a focus on information technology topics. They work with teams of other IT professionals to manage statistical data and create different models based on the needs of their company. They possess advanced analytical skills, in addition to their exceptional oral and written communication abilities. They process research information for easier consumption and transform it into actionable plans. They also provide value to their businesses through their findings and thoughtful insights.

Data Scientist, IT Salary

Pay for IT Data Scientists in the United States sits in the ballpark of $90K per year. Total cash compensation to IT Data Scientists approaches anywhere from $61K on the lower end to $148K on the higher end; in exceptional cases, this can include more than $17K from bonuses and upwards of $20K from profit sharing. Compensation for this group is mainly affected by the company, but tenure and location are influential factors as well.

Job Spotlight: Human Resources (HR) Specialist


A human resources (HR) specialist is responsible to various tasks within the HR department. Working under an HR manager, the HR specialist focuses on a specific task or role such as payroll, benefits, training, compensation, recruiting, and customer service for employees. The HR specialist assists with daily operations of the HR department, which typically includes being the first point of contact for employees. Duties include answering general employee questions, data entry into payroll and HR systems, and administering health benefit plans.


Human Resources (HR) Specialist Salary

The average pay for a Human Resources (HR) Specialist is $48,362 per year. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 20 years in this career.


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Job Spotlight: Risk Management Consultant



Risk management consultants analyze all aspects of the company – including financial, technology, and general business – to determine risk levels and opportunities to mitigate them. This involves working directly with stakeholders to determine standards and policies for analysis, litigation, investigations, and policies. On a day-to-day basis, the job mostly consists of activities such as user profiling, auditing, and collaboration with teams such as security operations.

Risk Management Consultant Salary

An average Risk Management Consultant in the United States can expect to take home roughly $73K per year. In the world of Risk Management Consultants, overall cash allowance can occasionally include more than $16K from bonuses and, in some exceptional cases, $6K from profit sharing, causing incomes to vary widely between $52K and $129K. The most important factor affecting compensation for this group is career duration, followed by the company and geography.

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