Surviving the Future in the Automation Age-A New Approach

In reading a summary of a recent book by authors, Hess and Ludwig, entitled Humility Is the New Smart: Rethinking Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age, kind of a long title :-), I wanted to share the new skillset that they said would help one to survive and…drumroll please, the new skillset is called “NewSmart.” Before I explain what that is, here is why the authors say that this new skillset is necessary for survival and perhaps for job-protection. They cited research coming out of the University of Oxford that showed there is a high probability of 47% of jobs in the U.S. becoming automated over time. That’s over 70 million jobs lost. Nationwide, we will see millions of jobs replaced by automation such as smart robots, driverless cars, 3D manufacturing, artificial intelligence and smart machines over the next 15 years. That’s not that far away. Hence employees will have to learn new skills and new behaviors that machines cannot master. The NewSmart skill requires quieting the ego, better managing your thinking and emotions, and learning to reflectively listen. The authors go on to list the Seven Commandments that will help you Survive the Smart Machine Age. They are:

  • Become humble, because it’s not really all about you
  • Slow down and live in the moment
  • Think like a good scientist
  • Talk less, listen closer, and ask more questions
  • Have the courage to try
  • Manage your emotions
  • Embrace “Otherness” which is the science of how to connect, relate, and emotionally engage with other people

When these seven commandments are applied, Hess and Ludwig state that you will be able to achieve the type of excellence that makes you an indispensable leader and a better human being. You will become NewSmart. It’s worth a try.

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