Interviewing Tips from Tina-The One Who Has Seen It All

I work at the front desk of a reputable staffing service and you would be amazed at what I see! Some people who come in to interview wear short-shorts, tight and revealing tops, baggy shorts and shirts that I would have put in the recycle bag a long time ago! You don’t want to wear anything that you might wear while out clubbing on a Saturday night. You want to come in like the job belongs to you!
First impressions are very important. The clothes you wear might send a negative message to the first person you come in contact with or to the person you are interviewing with. It can be viewed as a major reflection of your character and deflect from your true talents. Treat your interview with the staffing coordinator/recruiter the way you would with any other job interview. It is important for you to make a great impression and stand out from others so that you are considered first for great opportunities.

A few tips:
Make your jewelry simple
Clean clothes should fit, not baggy, too short, tight or low cut
Conservative colors work best
Skirts/dresses 3 inches above the knees or longer
Hair, neat and tidy
Refrain from wearing strong perfumes; some people have allergies
Be prepared: Nothing is more embarrassing than not having what you need in a job interview. Be sure to bring a current resume, two pieces of ID, and a list of references with current contact information. Make sure you have looked at the website of the company you’re visiting. And please, don’t take your children to the interview when visiting the staffing service. Make prior arrangements to have a friend or family member care for them while you are away. Good luck and happy interviewing. Comments appreciated.

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