Employee Benefits

The Temp Connection has a package of comprehensive benefits for temporary employees.
We think the world of our employees and have put the following employee appreciation and retention program in place.

  • Medical – Upon being placed on an assignment, you are eligible to participate in our employer-sponsored health insurance plan. Benefits include medical, dental, vision, term life and short-term disability.
  • Paid Sick Time (PST) –  Effective July 1, 2017, employees are entitled to earn paid sick time and accrue one hour of earned paid sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to 40 hours per year.
  • Holidays** – After working 600 hours within the past year you will be paid for the holidays listed, provided you worked the five days immediately prior to the holiday. Holidays include: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving.
  • Profit Sharing – After meeting eligibility requirements, including length of service (1 year) and hours worked (1,000) you will qualify for participation in the Temp Connection Profit Sharing Plan.
  • Referral Bonus – If you refer a person who works for us a minimum of 150 hours, you will receive a bonus of $25.00. If you refer a business that uses our service, a bonus of $25.00 will be paid. Your name must be given by the company who calls us.
  • Direct Deposit – Your weekly pay will automatically be deposited into your checking account or onto a Visa Rapid PayCard. Simply complete the form choosing one of the two options. If choosing Visa Rapid PayCard, select Option 1. If you would like your paycheck to be directly deposited into your checking account, select Option 2 and attach a voided check.
  • On-Line Paystubs – Weekly paystubs are available on-line at www.doculivery.com/TempConn. You may view, print or email copies from there. We also use this website to communicate important information and updates to all our employees.
  • Employee of the Month – Each month we recognize one outstanding employee with a $50.00 gift card.
  • Employee of the Week – Each week we recognize one outstanding employee with a $10.00 gift card.
  • Raffles – For holidays we offer raffles in which every employee who has been working at least 3 weeks prior to the holiday is included in the drawing.
    Our Employee Recognition Raffles are:
    Thanksgiving Raffle – 3 $50 dollar gift cards are given to the winners
    Holiday Raffle – 3 $50 dollar gift cards are also given to the drawn winners
    Valentine’s Day – Something sweet is given to the raffle winner
    July 4th – A holiday-themed gift is given to our winning employee
    Labor Day – We give Lottery Tickets to our employees in hopes that they win and share the prize money!
  • Event Tickets –
    The Centurion Event – We raffle off 4 sets of tickets including parking to all employees who want to enter the competition for this very fun event held in May.
    Tucson Classics Car Show – We give tickets to our longtime employees and each ticket admits one to the show and a chance to win a Corvette or $15,000 dollars. This Car Show is in October.

** If the Temp Connection is payrolling you on behalf of a client firm, you may not be eligible for these benefits.