An Employee’s First Day

The first day for any employee, can be stressful for both the employee and employer. Here are a few tips to get off to a smooth start.


Its all new! Things an employer takes for granted, the new employee is clueless about. Start with the basics:

  • Where can the employee get a drink of water if needed? Do you have a kitchen and refrigerator for the employee to store lunch?
  • Where is the bathroom? Does it require a key?


  • Where are necessary supplies?
  • Where is the copier and how does it operate? Do you need a code?
  • Where is the fax machine and how does it operate? Do you need a code?
  • How do you wish the phone answered?
  • Do you screen your calls? If so, is there a list of people you will always talk to?
  • How do you route messages within your organization? E-mail? Paper? Yell?
  • Do you have examples of letter and memo styles or macros used to create correspondence?
  • What is your office policy for saving and storing files?