Employment and Staffing Services

Here at The Temp Connection, we are an Employment and Staffing Company whose Staffing Services include Temp, Temp-to-Hire, and Direct-Hire Employees, as well as Payrolling Services:

  • Temporary: Could be 1 day, 2 weeks, or 8 months or more.
  • Temp-to-Hire: We will select 3 or more candidates that strongly match the job criteria, forward resumes to the client, and then coordinate interviews for those candidates selected. The selected candidate normally will remain on our payroll for a predetermined amount of time agreed upon by the client and us. At the end of this temp-to-hire period, our employee will then convert to the client’s payroll as a permanent employee.
  • Direct-Hire: We conduct an extensive search for a client for a particular job position and identify top candidates from which the client can choose. After going through the client’s interview process, the chosen candidate can then go directly onto the client payroll. The client pays a fee for this Direct-Hire employment service. There is no fee to the candidate.
  • Payrolling Services: We bring a person onto our payroll that the client has identified, such as a retired employee that the client wants to bring back, or a known expert to do a specific project. We pay the wages, all withholdings, worker’s compensation and unemployment taxes and do all required government reporting. The Temp Connection’s Payrolling Services allow the client to conduct their business and meet their deadlines while leaving the administrative burden of adding employees to us.

Included as part of The Temp Connection’s Employment and Staffing Services, we will provide:

  • Candidates who have been identified via a comprehensive recruitment program which includes national and local job boards, social media, local media, and community networks, as well as other sources to provide qualified and talented people who will get the job done.
  • Candidates who are evaluated with our advanced assessment tools, featuring over 1000 validated assessments, to ensure solid skills and experience.
  • In-depth interviewing and placement of all candidates by The Temp Connection’s knowledgeable and personable staff.
  • Competitive wages and benefits to all employees and a fair bill rate to our valued clients.
  • All required liability and bonding, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, all wages and withholding taxes, as well as all government reporting.
  • Thorough reference checking of all candidates.
  • Background checks and drug testing upon request.