Need a New Employee? Try a “Temp-to-Hire”

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The most recent employment figures show the unemployment rate at 5.1%. That is very close to the 5% historical definition of “full employment.” Over the last several years businesses got “lean-and-mean” in response to the Great Recession. Small businesses cut back their labor forces often to the bare minimum to fulfill the company mission for the business they were able to keep in those difficult times.

Now here we are with the economy growing again, at almost 4% per year, and we need to start thinking about, can you believe it, managing growth. This presents a real challenge for those lean-and-mean’ers. They have to find the best candidates in what has become a tight labor market with a management team that has already been stretched pretty thin. These companies may simply no longer have the time, energy, bandwidth – whatever you want to call it – to invest in advertising, screening, interviewing and on-boarding new staff.

That’s where “Temp-To-Hire” can help.

In a Temp-to-Hire situation, the employer calls a temporary employment agency to fill a permanent position with an employee that has been screened and evaluated by the agency. The employee remains an employee of the agency for a certain period of time. The employer doesn’t have to invest excess staff resources or pay benefits during this temp-hire period. The employer and employee each get to test each other for that “Perfect Fit” before a true commitment is made. I like to compare it to an engagement before marriage. Although both parties are truly committed at the time of engagement, the official commitment comes with the conversion of the employee to the client’s payroll. After a pre-determined period of time, the employer can decide if they want to convert the employee to permanent status. The employee then goes on the employer’s payroll and leaves the agency’s payroll. In some cases, but not here at the Temp Connection, a set fee is paid to the agency at the time of “conversion.”

At the Temp Connection, we place Temp-to-Hire employees with companies of all varieties and sizes. Best of all, we don’t charge the employer a conversion fee after the employee has worked for 90 days or longer. That helps make Temp-to-Hire an even better solution for our clients.

Please contact us at 323-3100 or email us at if you would like to learn more about filling your current openings with a Temp-to-Hire employee.

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Ellie Patterson has been in the staffing industry for twenty-seven years and is a co-founder and partner at The Temp Connection in Tucson, AZ. She can be reached via email at

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