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Employee of the Month

Yolanda S.

We offer a big congratulations to Yolanda for being selected as Employee of the Month. Yolanda agreed to work in a firm that is very busy and requires much focus plus handling administrative and accounting responsibilities. She responded to training very well in a new industry and is liking the work a lot!  We think it will be a very good match as they talk about long-term plans. Enjoy the gift card!  Thanks for working with us!

Employee of the Week

Martha R.

We are so pleased that Martha has re-registered with us and that she is busy working at a client’s office helping them in the accounting department. Martha is quick and thorough in her response to the needs of customers and our client appreciates that. Well, we can say that we really appreciate Martha! Congratulations for being our Employee of the Week. We hope you enjoy the gift card.

thank you employee 2

Job Spotlight: Hydrologist

IMG_0382-webA hydrologist works for a government agency or a company and studies water itself, water availability, and the water cycle. When relevant problems occur, the hydrologist helps to solve these issues. Some typical issues that are explored are effects from storm surges, floods, and droughts.


Hydrologist Salary

Hydrologists in the United States can expect to earn an average of $63K annually. Experience level is the biggest factor affecting pay for this group, followed by geography.

Trends in the Staffing Industry-Accounting Talent in Demand

  • Accountants felt better about the economy in the first quarter, according to a new global survey among 1,334 members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the Institute of Management Accountants. The improvement was mostly driven by the U.S. where respondents hope a combination of fiscal reform, infrastructure investment, and deregulation will boost economic growth. Reported by Cohn of Accounting Today.
  • The tight job market for skilled accounting and finance talent, combined with a growing wave of Baby Boomer retirements, is leading to staffing shortages,” says Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half. “Many businesses are struggling to find the talent they need to handle general accounting duties; some have found it more effective to staff certain roles with interim professionals.” RHI News Release.



Employee of the Week

Julie C.

Congratulations to Julie for being our Employee of the Week. Julie really helped us out just recently in offering to answer phones at the last minute and doing so with two urgent staffing needs. Julie arrived on time, ready to work and helped the Clients out wherever they needed her. We are fortunate that Julie is currently working with us. We appreciate you, Julie!

The Conference Board Leading Economic Index for the U.S. Increased in March

The Conference Board Leading Economic Index is an American economic leading indicator intended to forecast future economic activity. It is calculated by The Conference Board, a non-governmental organization, which determines the value of the index from the values of ten key variables such as The US DOL monthly reports, S&P 500, US Census Bureau’s reports on building permits, non-defense capital goods and monthly consumer goods and materials reports from manufacturing activity. The Conference Board Leading Economic Index for the U.S. increased 0.4% in March to 126.7, following a 0.5% increase in February, and a 0.6% increase in January. (March 2010, index was 100).

Employee of the Week

Jameala S.

Congratulations, Jameala, for being our Employee of the Week. Jameala is helping with events planning and coordinating for one of Tucson’s wonderful non-profits and is doing a fantastic job. Thank you for working with us, Jameala. Please enjoy the gift card.


Man Buys $1,300 Worth Of Ice Cream For Strangers

Kory Close has seen a lot from behind the counter at his Fort Worth, Texas ice cream shop, Sweet Sammies. But even he says that he never could have predicted what transpired there over the

On Saturday, Close says a stranger—who he calls “Mr. Gary”—walked into the store and put down a credit card.

“He walked in at 7pm and started buying dessert. He said he would stop at some point, and never did—from 7pm to 10pm,” says Close.

The mystery man ended up paying for almost $1,000 worth of cookies and ice cream for customers.

But that isn’t the end of Mr. Gary’s generosity; not only did he treat all of the customers to free food over the course of three hours, but he also awarded each employee working at the time with a $100 tip.

Although Close says he had never met Mr. Gary before, the man indicated that someone at the store had helped him with a parking validation a few weeks prior to his charitable ice cream spree.

Close says they plan to frame the gigantic receipt and hang it on the wall as a memento.

Now isn’t that sweet?

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