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Wally Wednesday – Suited for Good: Free Suits for Men Struggling to Find Work

Utah company steps in to help men who ‘hit rock bottom’ – and get a second chance on life.


If clothes make the man or the woman, then the elegant store on South Temple is making a lot of people feel like they can take on the world — and a new career. Starting Jan. 1, Stringham and his family — which includes brother Brandon, CFO, and dad Bart, chairman — have been giving away a suit for every one they sell. Their philanthropic effort is called “Suited for Good”.   For every suit the store sells, another one is given to someone who is struggling to find a job. The recipients get a suit, a shirt, a tie and shoes, plus a custom fitting.

Stringham told NBC’s Joe Fryer of NBC Nightly News that for a person looking for a job, wearing a nice suit is “a chance to shine and to not be worried about what people think about them. But rather (they can) be able to put their best foot forward and have confidence that who they are is good enough for what they want to do. It’s not about the suit. It’s about the man inside.”

So far this year, the store has given away 41 suits, and 20 more people have booked appointments to get their own.

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Employee of the Week

Rachel L.

Rachel is one of those employees that everyone instantly likes when she enters the room. Rachel is positive, bright, cheerful and ready to tackle any project that comes her way. Supervisors, co-workers, and associates enjoy being around Rachel and everyone works well together when she is part of the team.  We are pleased to announce that Rachel is our Employee of the Week. Please enjoy the gift card and congratulations!

Why You Need Emotional Intelligence at Work

According to a recent survey by RH, Int., nearly all human resource managers (95%) and workers (99%) say it’s important for employees to have a high emotional quotient, or EQ, because it helps them manage their own emotions and understand and react to the emotions of others, according to a survey of more than 600 H.R. managers and more than 800 employees by OfficeTeam. More than one in five employees (21%) believe EQ is more valuable in the workplace than intelligence quotient. Nearly two-thirds (65%) say the two are equally important. Most workers (92%) think they have strong emotional intelligence; fewer (74%) believe their bosses do.

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Job Spotlight – Funeral Director

A funeral director works with families and friends of the deceased to set up services and to coordinate all arrangements and memorials related to this difficult time. Funeral directors can also work with individuals and families interested in prearranging funeral plans. Funeral directors typically meet with clients during periods of terrible grief and bereavement. Persons in this field must balance compassion, sympathy, and understanding, while also directing clients to available options and assisting them through the funerary process.


Funeral Director Salary

A Funeral Director earns an average salary of $44,996 per year. The skills that increase pay for this job the most are Oral / Verbal Communication and Embalming. Experience has a moderate effect on income for this job.

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Wally Wednesday – Young Ballerinas Let Their Dads Crash Their Ballet Class

What better way to bond with your daughter than trying out something she loves?

Dads may have an almost other-worldly ability to cause embarrassment and mortification, but they’re also the among the most important men in our lives.

The Philadelphia Dance Center had students invite their fathers to participate in classes last week, including a “Daddy-Daughter” ballet class. The center posted the heartwarming video on their Facebook page where the world can see these devoted dads attempt to gracefully pirouette through the air.

With varying physical fitness and dexterity, all the men follow their daughters’ lead – some even sporting a pink tutu.

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U.S. Employers Expect to Hire More Foreign Workers Despite Possible Immigration Restrictions

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, a majority of U.S. companies plan to hire foreign nationals this year, despite signs from President Donald Trump’s administration that hiring from abroad will be more difficult, according to a late-2016 survey of 442 human resource professionals and hiring managers by Harris Poll. Fifty-nine percent of responding employers said they expect their demand for foreign workers to increase this year, and 55% said they plan to hire foreign talent in 2017; 63% said sourcing foreign national employees is extremely or very important to their companies’ talent acquisition strategy.

Employee of the Week

Frank H.

Frank is our Employee of the Week and we can’t thank him enough for going beyond the call of duty in working with one of our clients. It seems that a 2-day job has become much more than a short-term job with additional duties and also much longer than the original order.  We’re very happy that Frank continues on this assignment and he is happy also that there is more of a variety than at the beginning. Congrats Frank! Enjoy the gift card.


Happy Friday!

We hope you have a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!



Job Spotlight- Radiation Therapist

Linear Accelerator

Linear Accelerator

A radiation therapist usually works in a hospital or other medical environment and assists an oncologist. The therapist will often provide radiation therapy treatments to patients with cancer. The radiation therapy may also go over various materials, such as CT scans, to help determine where treatment is needed.

Radiation Therapist Salary

A Radiation Therapist earns an average wage of $31.93 per hour. Experience has a moderate effect on income for this job. A skill in Simulation is associated with high pay for this job.

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