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Job Spotlight: Database Administrator

A database administrator (DBA) is an IT professional who ensures that the software used to manage a database is properly maintained to allow rapid access when needed. Because constant access, searches, traffic are likely to have a damaging effect on any company database, the DBA works to maintain the efficiency of the servers. He or she also will typically work to ensure data security, coordinating with an IT security professional or team in larger companies to help maintain the integrity of sensitive business data.


Database Administrator (DBA) Salary

A Database Administrator (DBA) earns an average salary of $71,370 per year. The skills that increase pay for this job the most are SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), PL/SQL, and Transact-SQL.

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Employee of the Week

Mari C.

Thank you, Mari, for being our Employee of the Week and congratulations to you!  We are really happy that you are enjoying your new training position and that you can use your computer proficiency in so many areas where the Client needs that expertise. We appreciate the professionalism and calm demeanor that you bring to this position. Again, congratulations!


Job Spotlight: Anesthesiologist

anesthesiaJob Description for Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologists play an important role in a variety of surgical procedures, as they are responsible for carefully administering general or local anesthetics to patients while monitoring them closely. When using general anesthetics, they must carefully watch all vital signs at all times and communicate this information to the surgeon; for localized anesthetics, they must maintain communication with patients and monitor their comfort levels throughout what are typically out-patient procedures. Anesthesiologists are licensed and certified physicians, and this career field has the same rigorous training requirements in undergraduate studies, medical school, and residency as many other physician specialties. They work primarily on complex and lengthy surgeries which require precision and experience, and typically work daytime hours unless practicing at a hospital with more extensive surgical hours.

Anesthesiologist Salary

An Anesthesiologist earns an average salary of $269,766 per year. A skill in Obstetrical Anesthesia is associated with high pay for this job.

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Wally Wednesday: Wally’s Story. What is Wally Wednesday about?

We love feel good news.  Don’t you?

Two years ago we started a regular post on Wednesdays called, ‘Wally Wednesday’.  One of the main values we have at The Temp Connection is providing a quality experience for both our employees and clients.  Wally was one of the best at delivering such a service.  To honor Wally and his passion for service, we are posting his story as a reminder of these important values. Continue reading

Employee of the Week

Ramiro B.

Congratulations to Ramiro from all of us here at The Temp Connection for being Employee of the Week. Ramiro worked very diligently and consistently on a multi-week marketing project and was able to complete his work on time. The Client was very pleased with the results and Ramiro enjoyed the work so it worked out well for everyone! Thank you for doing such a good job, Ramiro. Please enjoy the gift card.


Job Spotlight: Ethical Hacker

The term “ethical hackers” describes professionals who identify flaws and vulnerabilities in security and help to protect organizations and businesses from malicious hackers. In fact, malicious hackers often “turn over a new leaf” and use their skills to protect others from the type of hacking in which they once worked. Ethical hackers work with the authorization of their employers to ensure that their hacking efforts are entirely legitimate and legal.


Ethical Hacker Salary

The average salary for an Ethical Hacker is $99,159 per year. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 10 years in this field.

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Wally Wednesday- 86-year-old saves scraps for decades to raise $400K for children’s home


Johnny Jennings is 86 years old, but he first visited the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home when he was 18, and the visit changed his life forever.

A child ran up to Jennings begging to be adopted, and it was in the moment Jennings realized his life’s mission.

Since he wasn’t ready to adopt a child of his own, he decided to contribute financially. Since he wasn’t independently wealthy, he did so by collecting paper and aluminum products and cashing them in for money. That may not sound like it would amount to much, but Jennings has donated more than $400,000 over the past 30 years.

One of Jennings’ favorite events is the church’s annual meeting, which is when he presents his check each year. During this time, the kids who live in the children’s home are also in attendance and he loves the opportunity to spend time with them.



Happy Friday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!