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Are You Experiencing Burnout? You’re Not Alone.

A new survey from Kronos Inc. and Future Workplace has found that employee burnout is perhaps worse than it has ever been. The survey of 614 U.S. human resource professionals found that 95% of HR leaders said employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention. Respondents named unfair compensation (41%), unreasonable workload (32%), and too much overtime or after-hours work (32%) as the top three contributors to burnout. Dan Schawbel, partner and research director at Future Workplace, noted that the average workweek is now 47 hours, and that answering work calls or emails after hours or while on vacation has become the new norm. Reported by D. Wilkie of SHRM.

Employee of the Week

Marjie B.

Congratulations, Marjie, for being our Employee of the Week. We are so glad that Marjie has joined our company as a valuable employee and we appreciate her association with us. Her professionalism and  dependability really make her a perfect fit for the client. Keep up the good work, Marjie!


Wally Wednesday…Did someone say ice cream?

americone-dream-18-HRNow what’s not to love about this!?

Ben And Jerry’s New ‘Pint Slices’ Are A Little Slice Of Heaven

The innovators over at Ben and Jerry’s made our ice cream fantasies come true yet again. On Wednesday the brand introduced Pint Slices, a delicious new way to digest your favorite flavors.

Pint Slices have the outward appearance of Klondike bars, though they’re stuffed with one of four delicious Ben and Jerry’s flavors. Check out…

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Happy Friday!


We hope everybody has a Fantastic Friday and a Happy Weekend!

Employee of the Week

Francisco B.

Our Employee of the Week is Francisco and we so enjoy working with him. Francisco is also one of those employees who can work well in a warehouse and then change clothes and walk right into a professional office to complete a data analysis project. He is indeed versatile and we appreciate that. Thanks, Francisco, for working with us. We’re glad to offer our congratulations and a gift card!Francisco2

Job Spotlight – Casino Gaming Manager

casino-betting-table-with-a-group-of-peopleCasino Gaming Managers: Plan, direct, or coordinate operations in a casino.  May formulate hours rules. 

Average Annual Salary: $60,830

General Duties and Responsibilities:

1) Circulate among gaming tables to ensure that operations are conducted properly, that dealers follow house rules, and that players are not cheating.

2) Direct the distribution of complimentary hotel rooms, meals, and other discounts or free items given to players based on their length of play and betting totals.

3) Direct workers compiling summary sheets that show wager amounts and payoffs for races and events.

4) Establish policies on issues such as the type of gambling offered and the odds, the extension of credit, and the serving of food and beverages.

5) Maintain familiarity with all games used at a facility, as well as strategies and tricks employed in those games.

6) Monitor credit extended to players.

7) Monitor staffing levels to ensure that games and tables are adequately staffed for each shift, arranging for staff rotations and breaks, and locating substitute employees as necessary.

8) Prepare work schedules and station assignments, and keep attendance records.

9) Resolve customer complaints regarding problems such as payout errors.

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Wally Wednesdays – Perseverance above all

Steve JobsThis young lady really made ‘lemonade out of lemons’ .  She’s an inspiration to us all; with or without disabilities.  She knew she had a lot to bring to the table so she took her fate into her own hands.  She never let ‘no’ diminish her spirit or drive to provide for herself and start a career.  We hope you find this article a great reminder to keep going.

After Getting Rejected From Every Bakery, This Baker With Down Syndrome Opened Her Own Shop

January 13, 2017

Collette Divitto has been baking for friends and family ever since she was a little girl. As her passion grew, she knew her place was in a kitchen.

When she turned 22, she began applying for baking jobs all over the Boston area.

The rejections began to take a toll on Divitto.

“Many people who interviewed me for jobs said I was really nice but not a good fit for them,” said Divitto in an interview. “It was really hurtful and I felt rejected a lot.”



Employee of the Month

Cassh B.

Our Employee of the Month is Cassh B. and we are so happy that Cassh is working with The Temp Connection.  Why are we so happy? Cassh is one of the most determined individuals we have interviewed. It is important to her that her work environment is positive and that work performed by her is effectively done and thoroughly completed. She is resolved to work through any situation that may come up in the leasing industry and she is very pro-active. Tenants respond very positively to Cassh and she is liked by them and the client alike. Congratulations, Cassh, and enjoy the gift certificate.


Happy Friday!

We hope you have a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Puppy Friday

Job Spotlight – Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative-analystQuantitative analysts are tasked with devising strategies for maximum efficiency when it comes to trading stock. They work closely with other mathematical professionals to continuously improve trading protocols and strategies, and must combine all the skills they’ve learned in school, including mathematics, finance, and computer skills, to maximize the profits of their business.

Quantitative analysts create and edit analytical models, work closely with financial staff, research the best tools to create and maintain financial and stock portfolios, and keep their company up-to-date with the best software available for financial programs. Those in this position must have strong mathematical and organizational skills as well as a very driven personality. Most quantitative analysts gain experience by helping companies build impressive stock and trade portfolios. A master’s or doctorate degree is often preferred by employers in fields such as mathematics, economics, and computer science. Almost all work is done indoors in a climate-controlled building, and some quantitative analysts work on teams with other stock and trade professionals, while many others work independently.

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