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Employee of the Week

Saby A.

We are excited to announce that Saby is our Employee of the Week. She is doing a fabulous job at a new Client and they are extremely pleased with her work. Saby is enjoying this new opportunity and is finding that the responsibilities she has been tasked with are exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Congratulations, Saby, and thank you for working with us. We’re so glad that you are happy.

Employee of the Week

Steve G.

We are happy to announce that our employee, Steve G.,  has been named our Employee of the Week and will receive a gift card for this recognition. Steve has done an amazing job in helping out a very busy non-profit with building an Access Database and has done a marvelous job. Thank you for working with us, Steve. You are appreciated!

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Employee of the Month

Kristen F.

We have just selected Kristen for our Employee of the Month! Kristen has worked with us over the years and is a dedicated and talented employee. Kristen has worked in multiple Client settings and fits right in wherever she is assigned. Her attitude is always positive and her dependability goes right along with her work ethic. Congratulations, Kristen, and thanks for working with us! You are appreciated.

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Our Employee July 4th Raffle Winner!

Congratulations, Adriana!

Adriana won our July 4th Raffle that we held for all of our employees. The drawing took place last Friday and Adriana’s name was drawn that morning. She took home a 48-quart ice chest cooler  full of July 4th goodies. We hope she will make some s’mores with the ingredients inside. She can then serve them on the cute tablecloth that was also inside the cooler while waving one of the two Grand Old Flags that came with the cooler. Congratulations to you, Adriana!

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Employee of the Week

Victoria H.

From law firm to print shop, Victoria seems to thrive on different assignments and can adapt to any workplace with ease and confidence. The Clients enjoy her positive attitude and her commitment to do a really good job no matter what is needed. Congratulations, Victoria, for being our Employee of the Week. We appreciate your association with us.


July 4th Raffle for our Employees. It’s a fun gift!

With the July 4th holiday right around the corner we thought we would hold a raffle for all of our working employees. The gift is holiday-themed and very fun. I think the winner will really enjoy receiving this surprise. All employees who worked the last two weeks will be entered in the raffle. The drawing takes place on Thursday so get ready and good luck everyone!

Employee of the Week

MiKayla M.

MiKayla never missed a step when she went from Client to Client to Client working in three different office environments in totally three different industries within a two-week period. Mikayla just fits in wherever she finds herself and makes life easier for the Client no matter which Client it is.  We are excited to name MiKayla as our Employee of the Week. Thanks for working with us and enjoy the gift card!

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Employee of the Week

Codie T.

Our team at The Temp Connection decided on Codie for our Employee of the Week due to the quality of the work and the positive attitude that he brought to the workplace of this large non-profit organization that offers wonderful programs to individuals. Thank you, Codie, for working with us and for doing such a great job. Congratulations on being our Employee of the Week!

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Employee of the Week

Sheryl M.

It seems that wherever we assign Sheryl and we have assigned her to many clients in the last year and a half, she just seems to do a good job. Sheryl is very flexible and her assignments have ranged from a position at the Pima County Fair to a legal firm. She is now working in a medical office and her strong customer service skills apply to any environment. Thanks, Sheryl, for working with us and we’re pleased to have chosen you as Employee of the Week. Congratulations!

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Number of Independent Workers in the U.S. Continues Steady Climb

The independent workforce continues to grow and mature, according to a report by MBO Partners as reported yesterday in Business Wire. The total number of self-employed Americans aged 21 and above rose to 40.9 million in 2017, up 2.8% from 2016. Independents, who now represent about 31% of the U.S. civilian labor force, are distributed across every demographic, age, gender, skill, and income group.Independents work in all segments of the U.S. workforce and are of vital importance to the economy, generating roughly $1.2 trillion of revenue for the economy, equal to about 6% of U.S. GDP.  This trend will continue to edge upward.